Jack is hardcore just laying all across me 

Mary and Tia were freaking out today how he was when he was just chillin on the floor. He was laying on his back looking at us with his tucked in paws.

He’s still chillin on me purring his face off. 

And I was really pissed off today. Candy keeps bitching at me. And she really needs to stop. I’m tired of thinking about it.

Im so happy Mary stayed till close tonight, she is tomorrow too.  I can’t believe candy has the nerve of what she complained about today. 

It’s completely evident she’s stressed and exhausted and taking it out on me. 

I’m over it but this is absolutely unfair.

Tomorrow is just another day.


I absolutely feel like candy hates me or she’s out to get me.

She just sent a snapchat saying how she’s “still awake, gonna be a long day” 

I prepped so fucking much during a fucking closing shift just to make her eat ass.

I am the only fucking manager she has to even fucking rely on and it’s first week into katelyns new set schedule that she has every semester and candy seriously doesn’t have any one else…

I KNOW she’s stressing.

I’m hoping Tia and Mary can actually become assistants asap because they both seem interested enough..

But literally candy has been bitching the fuck out of me like the past 4 or 5 times I’ve worked with her and I’m so fucking done! I literally open ONE day which you scheduled and I don’t want to hear about how I suck when you have 6 other days you CHOSE to open.

Kill me.

I wish I could sleep.

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