Maddd misfit squad over.

Me and Tia of course (handed in the application today so she can be on my lease) Chance, Mary, shay, hailey, Eleesha and zach. 

Everyone’s sitting on the floor and I got the couch to myself 😂

We’re looking up vagina songs because I said that “my dick” song was dumb.

This is special lol 

Ciara won’t be over anymore because Tia hates the person she’s fuckin with and for a minute Ciara and Mary began talking but Ciara is already running back to ashleigha or whatever the hell her name is. IDk her at all but if Tia doesn’t like her, I don’t either. 

Mary is a GREAT person. She’s the youngest person I hang out with, she’s 17. But when her and Ciara were talking for the short time it was, Mary was saying how she wanted to take it slow af like me and Tia are, because Mary doesn’t even really want a relationship at the moment, she just wants to work on her own life at the moment, and for real that is so cool for a 17 year old to say that idk just my opinion

It’s so nice having friends over all the time and not have to worry about them stealing shit or being messy… I’m so happy.

But yeah I love my friends, we’re watching Salad Fingers now bye

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