I have had a little over 60 hours this week. 

I felt horrible today, I didn’t even eat before I drank coffee and I still felt like I had alcohol in my stomach. Hah that sucked.

I get high every night. 

My friends are around everyday, all the time, it’s weird if I work without them 

I definitely don’t like Angela at all. She’s a dumb af shit talker. Ciara is pretty much sayonara too.

It’s nice that I’ve found friends I can trust and I can keep. 

Tonight Tia described Eleesha as a “whirlwind” when it comes to her random ass cleaning spree she goes on, it was so accurate and so funny.

Shay, hailey, chance and zach were here tonight but all left, now it’s just me Tia and Mary. 

I want to sleep and wake up early

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