Dominos has wifi

Store will be remodeled in august.

Last night sucked for the most part. 

That bill, plus skyler is accusing Kim of being a cheater and honestly I don’t think there has ever been a sweeter person in the world I’ve met other than Kim so I don’t buy it for a second. Kim is the mentally stable one ANYWAY. Skyler and Angela are fucking drama whores.

I almost wanted to go to the masque to just help protect Kim. People are attacking her on Facebook and god do I remember what that was like …

I’m at work hella early and I’ve spent the past hour cleaning shit from last night lol candy kinda sucks.. She only worked 8-close though so Katelyn sucks more because she was through rush but whatever.

Good things from last night: me and Tia’s date, that Long Island fish bowl that was so strong and took me so long to drink, I didn’t even finish it. Also, I didn’t even continue drinking afterwards. Like hell yeah I reminded myself I work early and drank water instead of more alcohol. I’m even more responsible than I knew I already was! And me and Tia had great sex. 

I’m still so depressed about that bill from maple oaks. Can’t decide if I should actually file for bankruptcy and ruin maybe up to the next 10 years of my credit or just ignore it and let it fuck me up forever

I’ll never make a mistake of trusting or helping someone like Caitlyn again.

16 hours up in this bitch today. 

Will I actually get a day off tomorrow? Who knows

To be continued

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