Music keeps me sane

Close To Home is so good, they’re from Cincinnati but I discovered them even before I moved to ohio. They also have a song with the singer of Silverstein. 

I discovered them somehow through myspace before their old bassist passed away from cancer

They have some songs dedicated for their old bassist, “please tell me” and “Seattle skies” are songs I would listen to when I needed help coping with my own moms death from cancer.

Their other songs are also catchy and good as fuck!  I just love the words and the emotions and the catchyness and idk.

Alcohol also helps me feel happy. I was going through my stash of my moms stuff which is not good to do when I’m drinking. It made me kinda angry so I need to listen to something angry.

Silverstein also posted a documentary today from their twitter/YouTube and that definitely uplifted my mood watching that. So excited to see Silverstein in March.

I tried downloading a free Microsoft word thing today on my new laptop but I couldn’t figure one out. I tried to download two, but my norton virus protector thing deleted them before I could download them. I’m assuming they just weren’t safe.

I miss my writings. Even if I suck. It’s still powerful to me.

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