wow i get to do whatever i please today

first day off in over 2 weeks. i’m fucking drained as hell. like i literally just want to lay around all day

but i don’t think i should because that would disable me from enjoying the day to the fullest

i also woke up alone today

it seemed awesome at first but now i’m like incredibly lonely.

tia’s coming home now from work at the dayton mall, but she has to work at dominos at 5…

i don’t want to be alone, i have to distract myself with music and cleaning and something.

i hate thinking about the financial struggle i’m going through right now. it’s really not THAT overwhelming. i need to stay positive. it honestly bums me out hardcore if i let it.

i have a lot of things to be happy for, money will never be one of them.

I NEED DECAF COFFEE. i should go shopping tonight. i just want to drink 874w652878 cups of coffee. but that would probably murder me so i should not.

i really don’t know what i want to make me happy. i wish it was warm outside. my hands got so dry at work last night that my knuckle started bleeding.

if i could just sit outside on my patio with the warm sunshine, reading a book or just chillin with my cat on the leash, that would make me happy but that’s not a thing for this time of year.

in 9 days jasmine will be dead for 3 years. lame af.

haunted cincinnati tours is doing a ghost hunt at the ohio state reformatory on july 1st – 8 years since my mom died, that would be a lot of fun to go with my friends. it’s $99 per person. i was going to buy 5 tickets up front till i realized how broke i am.

and i want to buy a beach waterpark pass.

and i want to do other ghost hunting stuff with my friends.

my friends and i all need more money.

omg mary and zach came back. tia should be back soon too.

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