its about to snow for the next 3 days

ugly weather. but at least i have a well heated apartment

i’ve been wanting to share the valentine’s day gifts i got from tia and what i gave to tia

 she got me other stuff little things but these are my 2 favorites. i love snuggling in my bed infinitely more than i already did. she’s such a sweetheart showering me with random stuff lol

 this is all i got her but yankee candle rules. enough said lol. plus lilac was her moms favorite flower/smell. it was my moms too. pretty weird but cute.

i forced myself up when my dad was calling me. haven’t talked to him in a few weeks. definitely looking forward to giving him a big hug next month. still not sure who all is going with me or where we’re staying… tia’s got a good amount saved up and she’s still saving but i really don’t think anybody else has any money saved up at all.. i really want everyone else to go but i can’t spend money on others to eat and whatnot. let alone i got to get a rental car and probably hotel room.

eleesha got real irresposible last night.. her and tia went to this neon paint party thing at this bar and grill in fairfield. but eleesha got absolutely wasted and was super reckless and humiliated the fuck out of tia and they didn’t even stay an hour because eleesha was just too much… tia was so mad, she had been looking forward to this night for over a week..

i feel bad for tia because she really wants girlfriends she can go out and have fun and dance with.. i’m not a dancer, or girly for that matter and idk.

shes home now ❤

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