I found this awesome movie today called The Road Within. It was just really cool idk

I just made some decaf coffee lol it’s nice not feeling like my heart is gonna jump out my chest.

I’m overdramatic. I really shouldn’t be drinking this right now still though

I just got high and was overthinking. Today was bummish overall but it wasn’t even that bad. I organized and I felt great and later Tia and I went out to eat and we talked and she just wasn’t feeling okay but there was nothing I could do.

She’s asleep now. I should too. 

I had a spasm today but I don’t think it was that bad. I’m realizing I might have or at least I used to/now only sometimes have a real problem with being patient. I don’t know if it’s actually a real problem though. I don’t know what I mean.

I’m so fucking hyper so easily, all the time, I wish I was a more calm person. I almost feel crazy sometimes but clearly I’ve adapted completely fine as an adult in society soooo clearly I’m not crazy. If I’m crazy then who’s to say no one else is…

My brain is dumb bye

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