Eleesha and Mary stayed over last night, Mary was exhausted but me Tia and Eleesha got drunk. It actually was raining a little last night but Tia and Eleesha wanted to go to the park across the street and I followed. When we got there, I ran under the pavillion because yay pavilions and I got so happy because 1.) they have a wheelchair swing and those are the best swings and 2.)THEY HAVE A FUCKING MERRY GO ROUND

OMG Tia and I got on it, and we spun around mad times and it started raining harder and it was just so funny. I got real dizzy when we got off, but omg I want to chill and smoke/drink at the park across the street more this summer!! Cops won’t suspect we’re there because I can leave my car at the apartment instead of having it in the parking lot and it’s dark so they can’t see us haha

Today is like 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but it’s still super nice

I can’t wait for more shorts  + t shirt weather

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