i just heard about Madison School getting shot up

i’m pissed off. it’s literally JUST ANOTHER school shooting. i think only 4 kids got injured, no one died as far as what i’m hearing. there’s a live broadcast going on right now.

it’s going to be forgotten about and nothing is going to change from it.

I fucking don’t get the point of owning a fucking gun. i think the only people who own guns are people who 1.) play too many shooting video games and think its cool. 2.) someone who gets themselves in bad situations or hangs around bad people and feels the need to defend themselves 3. ) assholes who hunt cute innocent animals or maybe 4.) a crazy psycho who thinks the government is out to get them.

this is seriously just really fucking annoying and it’s not going to change a fucking thing. apparently one person is in custody, and i can’t find it anywhere on a news feed but on a facebook status, apparently the victims and the shooter are 8th graders.

gotta love the intelligence of rednecks who think the 2nd amendment is more important than their own child’s life.

fuck it.

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