Yay update!

Toooo much to writeeee

I’ve decided I need to become a more avid hat wearer because wearing something on my head is the best way for me to leave the psoriasis spot on my head alone. It is real annoying and bothers the hell out of Tia and even Eleesha pointed it out the other night. I’ve had it forever, I even used to have 2 spots on my head. I have a lot of beanies but I don’t have any hats. I used to have 2 bayside hats but that girl Brittany that I dated for a month and doesn’t talk to me anymore took my first hat and then Caitlyn’s dog ate my other one. Bitches.

I’m literally almost done with my 2nd cup of coffee back to back. Some coffee is brutal and some coffee sucks. “Peets coffee” is brutal, dunkin donuts sucks and honestly speedway has been the only perfect coffee I’ve ever had I think lol

Me and Tia have a crazy work week this week. Tonight I’m closing, then I work open-close tomorrow, and Wednesday I’m open-5. Thursday is my only day off, yay! Lollll then Tia works 3 morning shifts at the children’s store in the Dayton mall this week and and comes into dominos to close.. #brutalbitches the till at dominos has been coming up short a lot this past week.. It’s been super annoying. Dominos has this system called “pulse” and it is a complete failure. I don’t know but candy has put $1000s or more in the store to make the ending till okay and it totally sucks. I never want to be a dominos store manager.

Thrifting/Ghost hunting on Saturday was fun. Mary got MAD clothes and Tia got some dresses that she looks fucking adorable/hot/sexy in and I got this one tank that is a lil rainbow with a huge peace sign scribbled hah it’s awesome because it actually fits me good. Everything I wear is usually too big. Eleesha was weirded out that I actually have one pair of skinny jeans lol 

Ghost hunting would’ve been more fun if it was more than 30 degrees in the whole building lol but it was $40 off normal price so whatevz. We left in the last hour because we were all hungry and wanted to get drunk. Omg Friday night we all went hard though, we didn’t sleep till like 7am. 

Tia took 2 melatonins and a bendryll last night and she’s still knocked out. I love taking melatonin, it helps me dream and I just wake up so much more refreshed and awake. The other night I had a dream that I ran away to some woodsy area in PA and did heroin and there were MADD ghosts everywhere and my cat Jack was with me and he got hungry so I had to go to pet smart with him and workers were giving out free samples and he scarfed some down and it got all over his nose and then we went back and hung out with the ghosts and it was so weird but such a fun dream lol

Next Monday the 7th hopefully going to see Hawthorne Heights, Mest and The Ataris? Just because me and Tia miss shows. Then seeing Mayday Parade on the 12th. Then hitting up NY 15th, 16th and 17th. Silverstein 22nd and 30th. 

Ok this is boring bye

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