I really do notttttt like some attitudes of the people I work with. 

I’m really fortunate that I’m capable of recognizing when someone does massive amounts of favors for me… Or any favor at all.. I return the favor right back… Or I at least don’t laugh at them when they’re struggling with an issue 👿

Some people just act so fucking entitled and it’s gag worthy. 

I feel like my job title is not just assistant manager but some days it’s “baby sitter” or “Candy’s backbone”


Yay for booboo bear

I want my own weed store haha 😭😭😭 and then hand out dominos coupons for the cinnastix, lava cakes or marbled cookie brownie to be $4.20 instead of normal price 😂😂😂

Why can’t this world be full of happy nice people

I’m such a bitch myself sometimes but at least I’m not selfish or self-centered.

The people who love/like me think I’m hilarious so whatever. 

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