I don’t feel like working yet. Coffee is deserving to be sipped upon. The food order is monstrous. Working 11 hours today, working 15 tomorrow. Working 10 hours a day is about average for me and when I hear someone act all hotshot for working a normal 7-8 hours (and they’re only a few years younger than me, not in school or have another job or anything) I really just want to bitchsmack them. 

Lol it’s fucking early I literally slept at least 10 hours last night but I still feel bitchy. 😂😂😂

On the way to work, i drove by an aftermath of an accident scene that looked like the car rear-ending a semi so yeah on a real note, my life’s pretty lovely right now.

The 3headed monster tour was awesome, I’m happy Tia loves shows, she probably has the most fun compared to anyone else I’ve ever gone to a show with, even people who love the band we see. And she doesn’t get mad if we split up.

If I don’t know a band as well, I tend to stay away from the front as much because I fucking hate it when I DO know and love a band and people are around me or in front of me not having fun or singing along. Sooo fucking rude. 

There was literally this one bitch who was all the way up front, she actually got called out by the dudes in Mest because of how much bitch she was portraying. Mest is a pop-punk band. I guess this crazy woman had either never been to a show before or hasn’t even youtubed a live video because YEAH people were moshing/moving around.

Lol @ her alcohol getting spilled.

People are just so goddamn entitled.

It was so funny, this was Tia’s first time seeing hawthorne heights full set and the singer guy was at the merch hanging out and Tia told me later that she wanted a picture with him but she wasn’t sure if she had to pay for it because he’s famous

She’s so funny.

I’m done okay time to work 😭

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