Tea is BAE as fuck

I’m drinking chamomile green tea because I ran out of normal green tea. I still have some English breakfast black tea. I’ll probably wind up making that too because it has some caffiene in it. I still have decaf donut shop coffee but it sucks without sugar. I can drink tea straight up because tea is bae.

I think me and Tia got sick from someone at the show Monday. God that show was so good for bands I barely ever listened to. They were all mtv bands at one point in time. I’ve had that in this diary song by the Ataris stuck in my head for days now.

But yeah I felt shitty as fuck yesterday , worked open to close while taking only 3? Doses of DayQuil, drank 3-4 cups of green tea and honestly green tea got me through yesterday hardcore. I bring my keurig to work sometimes when I do doubles. But wow green tea cleared my congested throat up hardcore…

Tea is honestly the most wonderful drink in the world.

I also came home last night and took NyQuil with alkaseltzer water so yay hopefully I stop being sick before New York.

I probably will pack tomorrow or Sunday before work.

Where ever we stop for food on the way, I hope they have hot caffeinated green tea.

I have a feeling I might pass out for the last half of the trip (I’m picking up the rental car 8am and then working a double before we leave) so I have to drive the first half as much as I can so Tia doesn’t get mad.. Lol I wish everyone else had their license..

It’s so weird if I ever find a friend who’s got their shit together like I do lol

I was in such a hurry to be on my own when I turned 18 though, I felt like I needed it drastically, but I honestly wouldn’t have had either of the 2 cars I’ve had if it wasn’t for my dad/grandma. I sorta think some of that money came from my mom passing away too anyway.. I never actually received a large sum of money, my dad was with me when I signed papers that I had no idea what the fuck they meant, but idc obviously my dad has helped me tremendously in life compared to A LOT of other people’s parents I know..

My dad gave me $15 everyday for my senior year in high school and all I did was spend it on weed and alcohol 😂 ALL the time. That’s awesome he gave me that money all the time though

I’m making more tea already ☕️🍵

Tia’s home yay

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