Cannot sleep. But I was so tired earlier.

Silverstein was completely amazing. Besides my glasses breaking and my neck almost breaking when some dude double my size landed on me. So worth it.

#postconcertpains is so real

Walking inside my apartment after work tonight had me feeling like I’m 80 years old.

Cant wait to see Silverstein again on the 30th.

The Spill Canvas 4/19 + 5/4

Hit The Lights 4/22 + 4/23

Bayside either Friday Saturday or Sunday first weekend in June idfk yet.

Motion City Soundtrack 6/4? maybe, and 6/21

Warped Tour 7/19 + 7/21  

Me and Tia made new friends last night.. Lesbians, one of them loves Silverstein and Bayside so we’re pretty much bffs

I got in a picture with Shane and Paul the guitarist but I’m insecure I look dumb haha I mean of course I look like shit after being in the pit so blahhh

Sam really insists on occupying my fucking lap right now 

Fuuuuuck sleep.

Fuuuuck waking up lol

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