Kinda feel like I’m on the verge of a breakdown ?? 

Started with some crazy lady last night complaining about her pizza and i’d usually just, you know, REMAKE the damn thing or whatever the people want; but instead, in this lady’s logic, felt it absolutely necessary to degrade me as a manager and she even threw her receipt at me and it landed on the floor so I stopped what I was doing just to pick it up and throw it out and I straight up called her a litterbug , so I was a little proud of myself for doing that at least. 

I went to the gas station that’s like 30 seconds away from dominos to get some beer after work, and I saw a huge Lipton lemon flavored bottle so I couldn’t resist and bought that too. I put it in the fridge when I got home, and just opened it to drink this morning and it tasted/smelled odd, so I checked the expiration date just cause, and it fucking expired January 4th 2016. How does something almost FOUR MONTHS old get missed , beats the hell out of me.

I still need to go back to get it replaced. I’m happy I still had the receipt in my car. 

Went into work today, candy leaves as soon as I show up, which is fine, but like there was literally no prep done, way worse than usual. Aggravated THE FUCK out of me. It’s one thing to be busy that you can’t get shit done, it’s another when people show up and you don’t make them help you finish OR even tell the closing manager what you didn’t get to. 

But when candy actually does do prep, she suuuure loves to show me it all like it’s some big accomplishment. Like gtfo. I know she’s a GM and she definitely has other shit work-related to deal with but that doesn’t mean it’s fair to me.

I still can’t believe she had the nerve to yell at me one time when I didn’t prep enough the previous morning for her the NEXT morning. She drives me insane and so do half the people I work with. 

I just feel an overall hardcore lack of respect or appreciation for my position and all I’ve done and continue to do and it lowkey breaks my heart.

Tia must’ve told me a million times today how much she appreciates me  and respects me (she still gets upset sometimes when I try to tell her things though) but I love her so much for consistently telling me because it’s hard to believe anyone does at all.

There’s definitely a good amount of people though that do give me respect , I actually just went to tally it and it’s only 10.5 people out of 30.  The .5 is this one guy nick, he’s definitely been a huge ass to me before but there’s also been days where he’s bought/given me beers/alcohol and weed/joints after work. Or just pretty much acknowledges/understands the bullcrap I deal with.

There was a point when we had a bunch of stuff to make on our screen tonight, people are standing around not doing anything, candy left so it was only me and Tia making food, and I said something like “hey we’re down a bunch of stuff on the makeline if anyone feels like helping” and even Tia said that Sam had such a fucking attitude back to me, she said something like “Kayla there’s this thing you should try like asking for help??” And dude Sam has fucking worked at the store for like 2-3 years now or something, EXCUUUUSE me for not assuming she doesn’t know how to find something to do, Tia thought of the perfect word, that Sam should take “INITIATIVE” which she didn’t even come back to help anyway!!!!

I’m so fucking fed up with the way people treat me.

Like how is that lady who complained about her pizza going to dog me out for being a crappy manager, when my co-workers don’t even treat me like one? Another guy, who’s a driver, literally straight up told me “I’m gonna take this delivery and then I’m done” and by done that means I check him out and he goes home. I don’t have a say.

On a happier/also sad note, Tia got promoted to a lead position at her other job at The Children’s Place. She’s now making $10 an hour so obviously she’s going to work more there than dominos because it pays more. 

I really love working all the time with her though so it makes me a little sad. A lot sad. But I’m also very happy for her and very proud of her and I’m so glad she loves her 2 jobs lol

I really want to get fucked up but seeing my cat be so snuggly and sleepy makes me think sleeping is a better idea. Idk

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