That post yesterday was nice to vent about and then I got so high I thought there was an eyeball in the light in the hallway. I left the light on all night.

Tonight me and Tia both got high and laughed about something for a solid 20 minutes (I’m probably overdramatic but it seemed like it) fucking Jack jumped on the bed and Tia’s immediate reaction was saying “woop there it is” and Jack was looking dead at her as she said that and when she was done, he immediately jumped off and left the room. Don’t know why that was so funny but I was crying.

Tia was also saying how it’s weird I say “pillow sheet” instead of “pillow case” and I tried to explain it’s like a bed sheet but covering the pillow instead of the bed, and THEN I started getting really trippy about it saying “pillow case, bed case” instead of just bed sheet. Then I just straight up said “bed sheet, pillow” and she died laughing.

It’s really not that funny maybe but weed is great for that. 

I should sleep we’re making eggs pretty tomorrow before work

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