Silverstein x2 last night was awesome


We didn’t even watch Being As An Ocean.. We hung out in the bathroom because I really wanted to charge my phone lol AND WE MADE RANDOM FRIENDS #bathroomsquad



i’m seriously so proud to have been a fan of silverstein for the past 12 years.. they’ve been a band for like 16 or something and they all always make an effort to meet and hang out with the fans, especially the singer shane!!! that is just such an incredible thing to me

yay for having a day off and being able to clean and give my cats baths 🙂

watching Culture High on netflix now and being sad because weed is still mostly illegal in the US 😦 😦 😦

forever keeping my eye on to see when they’re coming closer to me. they have been super close numerous times before but i never invested in it. i don’t want to miss out on it next time. i’m soooo about it.

i got high last night and thought some crazy ass amazing stuff. i need to write more. not just in here, but with a pen.

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