i’m so happy. candy went out of her way and gave me a ride home tonight.

tia and i’s work schedules clashed a bit rough this week..lol hopefully this will change because candy is now going to get my schedule done on thursdays so tia’s other manager at her other job can work around me. i mean she kinda has to because 1. i have an apartment to pay for and cats to feed (tia just has her phone bill??) and 2. tia wouldn’t even be able to get to that other job without my car soooo lol i should clearly have the final say.

i woke up from a couple crazy dreams these past few days. Sunday i closed at work and then opened on monday. in between then when i had a resting sleep period thing, i had a nightmare that even after close the internet orders wouldn’t stop coming through… phones ring after close all the time and it’s no big deal, i just don’t answer. some of my coworkers do just to say we’re closed but i like ignoring them. but yeah all of a sudden in my dream, it was like a friday night dinner rush AFTER CLOSE and clearly i was just stuck there forever… it’s not the first time i’ve had dreams like that. one time i dreamed that i closed, then worked close to open and then did an open-close. basically i never leave.

last night i just had a nightmare that satan was trying to get me. not fun.


candy is so nice. she motivated me to grow flowers in rainbow order in my little yard area. it’s difficult though because i have a huge pine tree giving mad shade (THAT SAM LITERALLY JUST GOT STUCK UP WHILE I’M WRITING THIS) so i have to pick shade flowers but i’m thinking i really like Begonias but before i spend money, i’m going to see what the office will give me because there’s flower growing competitions every year. i should get something i’m assuming by the end of april/early may. but i’ve definitely decided on begonias. up next would be impatiens and then petunias if i’m really desperate. i actually have a bunch of tulips growing right now. they’re blooming late though because of the lack of sunlight.

but yeah as of right now and 20 minutes ago, a neighborhood cat is outside my door. my screen door is open and instead of shutting the door, i’m letting the cats get mad at each other in hopes they will eventually get over it and be friends. i had neighborhood cats come by all the time at forest creek and my cats never cared this much! they need to get used to it again. but yeah when i opened the door to see the cat, SAM BOOKED IT OUTSIDE. I can almost always catch Jack. Sam, no. Sam’s a lil bitch. one time she took off, and was gone for like a week and came back with an abscess hole in her side and another unopened on her back. cost me hundreds to stitch her back up.

i wanted to make such a longer post than this but now i’d rather look up music

i can’t stay up too much longer i work open-close tomorrow.

need $$$$$$$$$$$$ for warped plus APMA music awards…. and bunbury for which ever TF bayside plays

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