Lowkey freaked out…

It started last month.. My card was charged $9.99 from YouTube/google.. I contacted someone to cancel that because I had no recollection of what it was for, but they couldn’t because there was no transaction of $9.99 dealt under my YouTube account. Didn’t want to deal with the bullshit so I ignored it. It happened again this month, this time someone figured out that my card was being used under someone else’s account. Creepy as fuck but they refunded me so it’s all good. 

I got an email this morning for a security alert from a different card saying that my card “may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant” so they’re sending me a new card and my old card will be deactivated.

TODAY, I’m about to go to work and Tia goes into the car first and she asked if I went through my center console at all because it was open and my check book was out.

It was wide open and I had $20 in there and it’s gone. We always lock my car. Nothing was broken, and what’s weird is Tia had her wallet in there too with two $10s and only one $10 is missing.

Besides the fact my checking account info could’ve been written down or the other cards in my car could’ve had the info stolen and I even have my social security card in my car. Is that stupid or what but I don’t even fucking get how my car could’ve been broken into.

I’m definitely going to have to check some stuff when I get home later…

Yesterday was cool though, it rained all day but right before sunset, the sun came out and so did a rainbow.
Hah ugh hopefully I won’t have my identity stolen that’d be really annoying.

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