I woke up today and Mary was like “look Kayla we’re famous!!!” Lmfao hit the lights posted these pictures to their Instagram
  Hell yeah hell yeah I have the cool multi-colored backwards hat on, Eleesha looks like she’s gonna puke and Mary’s looking at her and they’re both under the big black shirt dude, i think Tia is right next to me, covering her face with her arms in the air
 THIS IS THE COOLEST ONE. Me Mary and Tia all have our arms up, I wonder if that dying looking person is Eleesha wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The show in Indianapolis wasn’t as crazy at all. It was alright though. I think Seaway had a crazier crowd for some dumb reason. I don’t even like Seaway, but I’ve seen them live accidentally so many times already so I tolerate them lol

It was so nice having Friday and Saturday off work. Candy is on vacation this week, me and Tia are working a butt ton.

I lost my debit card at the Columbus show. Gotta get it cancelled and get a new one. Oh well. At least I didn’t break my glasses again.

That venue in Indy, Emerson Theater, doesn’t have an alcohol license or something. I’m seeing The Spill Canvas there again may 4th. After that.. No shows till June… 😩

Tia wants to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus June 3rd in Columbus I think. At this venue I’ve been once, I saw The Story So Far at back in November I think.

I need to donate again this week sometime so I can buy warped tickets with the blood money lol

I need to sleep. 

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