Eleesha drives me and Tia crazy sometimes holy shit.   
i just realized it’s probably weird I don’t have Tia’s number saved. I had the intention of having it memorized, I need to make sure I do that lol

 and here’s Mary   
So that’s how Monday is starting.

I swear Eleesha though, she has done way too many drugs because her thought process is like, fucking broken. Me and Tia are convinced she makes up stories to get attention. We’re convinced her whole malfunction is lack of attention her whole life. I think she’s at least finally realized that when she’s high/drunk she tends to talk WAY too much like non-stop for hours. 

Mary is 17 years old and has a better head on her shoulders than a 21 year old

But it’s all good.. Whatever… Gotta go to work now.. 👌

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