I forced myself to come here

Chance spent the night last night but I couldn’t really hang out with him because I had to work early today. He might be spending the night again tonight though.

There’s a hot girl that works here, she might be gay but idk. She does have really short hair lol. She told me she remembered me today because of my last name (lol of course, I have the coolest last name of all) she told me my last name reminded her of her favorite book and I already forget what the book was called haha. She couldn’t even remember the author name though which I think is weird if a book is your favorite.  

She also said she liked my shirt because it’s colorful lol I have a rainbow tye dye shirt on. 

Idk maybe we’ll talk more next time

My grandma blocked me on Facebook yesterday because of all the posts I’ve been sharing/making about gender neutral bathrooms

That’s fine hah



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