today was fun

woke up hungover as fuck. i drank a whole 6pack of budlight platinum. smoked some gravs and blunts. nbd.

eleesha is so insane lol she cleaned and organized the fuck outta shit last night. she gets like that sometimes, mostly when shes fucked up, but honestly she’s like never sober really anyway lol i love how much she gets into cleaning and organizing. tia gets a little annoyed because shes had trouble finding her stuff but idk i feel like how she organizes is completely sensible.


today after laying in bed moping for an hour or so, tia drove me to wendys so i could get food + their amazing tropical green tea so that helped a little, then when we went back to the apartment, i didn’t even want to go inside because it was nice and i just really wanted to minimalize (thats not a word but idc) any type of movement. i made it as far as the grass in front of my apartment and just laid down to admire the pretty clouds moving.

then riley and zach pulled up lol. tia had to go to work, but me, chance, riley and zach went to some town towards cincinnati.oh my god zach is an assssshole driver. hes the type to cut over 3 lanes of traffic without a blinker. on the highway, he rarely went less than 80. reckless as fuck. i was slightly worried something bad was gonna happen but fortunately i am now home safe hah.

my stomach was NOT happy. fortunately i didnt puke. i definitely told zach that he was an asshole quite a few times. i’m not afraid to call someone out idc. there were also other times he was being judgemental as fuck towards other drivers and of course i told him to chill. he likes donald trump so i think that says a lot about him. he definitely said the word nigger earlier. idk he’s chance’s friend and he helps chance a lot so i tolerate him.

it was so nice not being the driver driving around with people trying to find shenanigans and adventure. for once, i was the follower. not the leader.

we went to jungle jim’s today, that place is so badass. the closest one is like 20-30 minutes away though. but it’s the coolest grocery store ever, for real.

I also had a snow cone for the first time in years!

  Chance,me and riley. My hat looks badass against the sky LOL  
i bought some cat toys that my cats WERE ecstatic about but now i guess a bug on the bug screen is more interesting to jack and sam, and bobo is eating, of course lol.

my phone hasn’t been charging properly.. i just bought a new charger 2 months ago… there’s no rips or bends in it.. i’m actually available for an upgrade now, so i should probably get a newer phone. it makes me sad that i can’t update snapchat and have all the cool filters lol.

also, that bullshit that happened the other day in the meijer parking lot, really inspired me to get off my ass and move to colorado. i kinda want to plan for it before next summer. eleesha chance and mary all want to come with me. even caitlyn’s sister is down to move there too with us lol.

it’s just a lot of planning especially bringing everyone and moving all my stuff, and everyone else’s stuff, and making sure we all get jobs locked down. chance is not too good at keeping a job… chance said that her and mary could share a room.. it would just be a lot of planning. and a lot of money would be needed .. especially if we get somewhere with like 3-4 bedrooms. depending upon other people is gonna be scary.

my grandma and half brother that i’ve never met recently blocked me on facebook.. it’s fine because my grandma did it over all the posts i was sharing against that bathroom bill bullshit. she doesn’t care because she doesn’t know anyone transgender. she doesn’t care so apparently that means she can tell her 24 year old grand daughter to not care either. honestly, being passionate about equality wasn’t like, my life dream, but here i am.. i’m assuming my half brother nick blocked me too because grandma told him too. it’s fine, he kept making unnecessary comments on my posts anyway. ignorant ones but i played along and actually tried to educate him but it’s fine now.

that also really inspires me to move somewhere farther away. somewhere weed is fucking legalized and maybe i could work at a dispensary or something.

everyone keeps telling me i should go work at cousin vinny’s . hah i guess their assistant managers start out at $12 an hour and then at the end of the month, they get 10% of what the store made. sounds crazy awesome.

i just feel bad for my manager candy, shes a really nice lady, sometimes…, but idk i think i need to start feeling bad for myself more i think hah.

i think thats everything i’ve been wanting to write about.

really kinda hurt when i realized my grandma blocked me. but idk i reeally think people with high blood pressure should stay off facebook but whatever. it also really hurt when that fucktard dude kept asking if i was a boy or girl after hitting my car for no fucking reason. and my grandma thinks i shouldn’t care. i don’t think she has any idea.

some older people really think that they’re just so much smarter than younger people and that perception is so fucking dumb….

i wonder when my dad will call again or if i should try calling him soon. i don’t have anything to talk about, i guess i could tell him about that dick at meijer, but i wonder why he hasn’t called. he’s definitely called me quite a few times when something i did on facebook upset grandma, and i told him how i felt and it was whatever in the end. maybe he’s either upset with me too, or maybe he just knows now there’s no trying to control me.

it’s really stupid how my grandma wants to message me on facebook telling me all her yadda yadda beliefs but she never calls me. ever. i don’t ever call her either. but at least i don’t start shit with her on facebook. not my fault if my beliefs offend her. whatever. i’ll probably call my dad in a couple days. at least i can tell him what happened at meijer.

it really sucks that both of them voted for donald trump. thats so lame.

so yeah colorado is also farther away from my dad and grandma so thats cool too. i will definitely have to get used to plane rides so i better start accepting the idea of death more hah.

we might go out there in august.. i honestly can’t decide what town to move to, let alone finding something we can all hopefully afford. the more bedrooms, the harder its going to be.

i’ll figure it out. i just hope everyone else takes a stand and helps as well. I HATE ALWAYS TAKING THE LEAD lol

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