Biolife. I drank like one 32oz of LIIT last night but I started feeling really anxious so I tried to just go to bed but even that took a while. Whatevs. Me and Tia are definitely looking into a much bigger 2bedroom apartment for when my lease is up in September. We both think my place right now is depressing. It’s just too small, too shady, and there’s nothing to see out the window but cars passing. Reminds me of the scene in breaking bad when Walter white is in his car on that.. Road above the highway (can’t think of a word to describe that)… And all of a sudden him and that girl write up the chemicals that make a person or whatever and it just makes you feel really insignificant.

The other night, at the same area I got a ticket for doing 59 in a 45, literally 4 other cars passed me as I was doing 50. I kept up with them after they passed me and winded up going 55. And it just made me so aggravated… Why did I have to get so unlucky… I mean whatever it could be worse I guess. Doesn’t help make me less annoyed that it happened though.

Didn’t converse much with hot girl today. Probably won’t ever. Her actual name is Nikki but the only reason I know that is because of her name tag. It would also probably be weird if I called her here by her name like I actually know her or something 😭😅

Blah whatever. Beach Waterpark opens on the 21st! Hitting that bitch up a lot this summer. 

Tia doesn’t want to run shifts anymore at dominos. I guess I don’t blame her. 

Almost done gotta prepare to be frozen from saline 👌😬

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