Me and Tia went to check out a couple 2 bedroom apartments at Trinity Place in Middletown. Super nice place. Every 2 bedroom comes with a fireplace. Probably moving there in September. More space and it’s just nicer. Across the street from a church and nursing home. I can’t afford a place like that without Tia and she can’t without me so we’ll definitely stick together.

Woke up today a little annoyed idk. Tomorrow is going to suck. It just won’t be anything special. I should just sit outside before work and do sudoku puzzles and binge drink on tea or something 😪 if it’s not too cold. If it’s not raining. 

There’s so many bumble bees everywhere… 

I’m hoping May 11th, me and Tia will stop by the beach Waterpark to get our passes processed for the season so we can walk right in when they open. The sun really needs to come out though. Might just spend my birthday there idk. May 11th is my dead friend’s birthday, I hope it will be a good day. I should smoke a blunt to the face for her haha.


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