binge drinking tea because i’m just not feeling alcohol tonight. same as last night. i began drinking last night, but stopped because i just was NOT into it. i really want to buy the “large infusion tea pitcher” from teavana.. that shit makes 66oz of tea and i find that to be quite necessary for my desired intake. i only have a 16oz maker right now and it is … just NOT sufficient for my immense standards. Teavana teams up with “starbucks rewards” and i need to get into that too BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE TEA and i spend a lot on it lol…..

i’ve been listening to podcasts the past few hours. shit is honestly hard to pay attention to sometimes but i’m trying lol. Lead Singer Syndrome (singer of silverstein) and Anxious And Angry (singer of Off With Their Heads.) it’s cool stuff though.

i was looking through my brother’s facebook. he went to south africa recently and has some pretty badass pictures. he lives in maryland, and naturally i wanted to look up prices of 2 bedrooms there. some places are very possible but only if i have someone with me i can completely trust financially. i asked tia if she would be interested going there one day and she said maybe. idk dude i’m just kinda done with ohio a little. the only thing i genuinely enjoy and completely love about ohio is how much bands come here… Cincinnati.. northern KY.. Columbus.. Indianapolis… all decently close places to drive for concerts, not to mention PRIDE. i can literally go to a pride every Saturday in June. that is pretty badass lol.

ohio is also about to legalize medical marijuana for real but it seems there’s A LOT of restrictions so much that some people are saying that it might as well stay illegal.. i think there’s still some changes with it going on though so i’m trying not to read too much into it because it’s just gonna confuse the crap out of me.

i ❤ my cats
i ❤ tea

me and tia both agreed today that with the new place in september, we’re going to need new stuff. honestly i have like no real furniture lol… i need hella more shelves (the built in shelves was probably the only good thing about this place, especially since all my other shelves got ruined at maple oaks) we need a new couch, CHAIRS, and i really want a new desk for my laptop/poem books/other various items. the one i have right now… is now my tea station hahah. i picked out some stuff from, 4 things amounting to a little over $400 hahahaha looks like i’ll be hitting up biolife all summer… and forever. lowkey glad there’s a hot girl there because pathetically, it’s a good motivator lmfao.

i should clean the bathroom sink

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