Jasmine would’ve been 26 today!  So happy it’s nice out. Tia and chance are chillin inside but I need to be outside. Jack and samsara are outside with me just watching everything.

It’s really so shitty jasmines gone. She’s missing out on so much, yet I feel like she’s onto such better things. I bet she would’ve loved Halsey. I wonder what she would’ve thought about medical marijuana legalized in NY, and the legalization increasing in general. I bet she would’ve had a lot to say about everything. She was literally in college, doing shit with her life. It’s so sad. I hate the fact that I can honestly say I lost a friend to fucking heroin most of all; but at the same time, I shouldn’t be disgraced about it because it truly is become a terrible epidemic and she just fell victim to it.. Shit happens. I know I’m not the only one who feels like I wish I could’ve done something more to help her. To help save her. I swear I’m always going to remember her, she was part of the nobodies family and I will more and likely never have a better group of friends. I see some of my nobodies friends now on FB, posting pictures of their kids hanging out #nobodies2ndgeneration and it’s just so badass. I’m so proud that I had the chance to know everyone and jasmine. I will never ever forget her. 
Last time we hung out, we smoked gravs and blunts and drank and blasted Fat Lip by Sum 41, it was so much fun, just like old times. 

Okay this blog is too emo now haha I gotta stay happy, because Jasmine was nothing but happy memories..!!! 

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