I HAVEN’T UPDATED IN DAYS thats alright though.

yesterday this new girl started at dominos, she wants to work hella hours and be an assistant. yesterday, we also got inspected. lollll we all told her that it doesn’t get much worse than that and if she can handle it, then she’s got this. it’s so funny her first day was also a day of being inspected. i really like her so far, she’s deff got a good attitude.it was sooo horrible yesterday though. our service times were probably the worst they’ve been in a very long time.. but we still got a decent 4/5 stars!

BELINDA IS GOING TO RIOT FEST WITH NICK AND THAT MEANS THEY’RE PASSING THROUGH OHIO AND THAT MEANS I’M SEEING THEM AND i also bought 3 day riot fest tickets too lololol and we deff have to get seperate hotel rooms because tia made me realize that they’d probably be fucking a lot lolol i really hope riot fest announces a lot of bands tia likes so she’ll go with me i mean they announce a lot of good ass bands every year but this will probably be the one year i won’t know a lot… bayside definitely won’t be playing because they’ll still be on their other tour..

oh yeah i also bought my sunday bunbury ticket lol @ me. i hate bayside. oh well.

bunburry, motion city soundtrack, apmas, 2 warped dates, halsey, and riot fest. thats a lot to look forward to

anddddd eleesha told me at work last night that she knows where to get shrooms. $40 for an eighth. oooohhhh shiiiitttt. my birthday might be hella interesting this year lol i tried to get shrooms last year but it failed but eleesha should know what she’s doing!

gotta go to work now. gotta get that ovatimeee



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