I’M HOT GIRL’S FAVORITE DONOR. OMG. I feel like at this point she has it deliberately somehow set up that she always is the one to check my vitals, I swear. I reeeeally gotta get the guts to ask her to hang out with me Sunday. UGH I NEED TO BE SMOOTH. I told her i’d be back Saturday. So I’ll see her Saturday and I HAVE TO DO IT. 

Idk wtf is gonna happen Sunday but it needs to be life changing.

Nothing else much to update about lol JK riot fest announced their line up, so excited to see Off With Their Heads again!! And a million other bands and stuff. 

I was honestly a little bummed earlier today, I worked open till 5 and it was gorgeous out and Tia took my car and went to yellow springs to meet up with some girl, I think they have been *~talking~* like that but Tia straight up told me she was alright but all she could think about was me. Which makes no sense since I’m not “stud” or “dominant” or whatever enough. Fuck being the “man” or “woman” in a relationship, I can’t do it, traditional gender roles are absolute bullshit to me. Of course I had to move to ohio where everyone loves that kinda shit hah 😅😓

Idk I also really need someone who’s mentally stable because I can’t handle someone who isn’t. I mean I’ve been with some pretty insane bitches and not to say I was ever perfect but I really am fucking amazing, like I’m ridiculously great. I could tell some stories.

I just want to make sure I’m with someone who’s able to give as much as I do. That’s all.

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