Today really sucked.
One of those days where you have to convince yourself of how it could be worse, to make yourself feel better.
It really could be worse.
It might be worse. But I don’t know yet. So that’s awesome. Gotta love that wait around to see game.
I’m too embarrassed to write about, Tia says I shouldn’t be embarrassed at all, it’s a common mistake, but when I walk into work finally and a guy I work with has to say out loud something really sexist, 
It’s whatever. I’m used to it. I work in Trenton ohio, literally white trash town, America.
Sometimes it gets really old. Doug said I was “the hateful one” with my “mind in the gutter” today because I honestly thought he was saying something racist. I told him that I honestly thought that at first, which was false fortunately (apparently), but who’s to say I was the hateful one just for thinking he could’ve been saying that.. 

I’ve had some beers and weeds so maybe I should get off this.

This blog was really hard for me to even be okay with writing .

My cat is fucking cute. 

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