Thursday when I woke up, me and Tia watched ghost adventures until I had to go to work. One of the episodes we watched was about the exorcist house in St Louis, Missouri. 

While I was at work, some shit was going down at the trailer that zach chance Riley and Samm live at. I guess stuffs been happening for the year they lived there but they all just think something is following zach idk I guess Samm and Riley lit a pagan candle and it made it crazier so they were legitimately scared and wanted to come over. we went over for a little after work but it was fine. They winded up still spending the night there so whatever 😂 idk it was weird.

Me and Tia went back to the apartment that night, and I got high before going to bed and IDK WTF HAPPENED BUT I GOT HELLA PARANOID and saw satan’s face on Jacks face at one point.

I’m smoking now too hopefully I’ll be chill tonight lolololol I also don’t think it helped that I had my glasses off, it’s so much easier to imagine shit when I can’t even properly see anything..

Idfk why but I remembered how I’ve heard that before something demonic is trying to possess you, it’ll appear as something you love, or just something you’re sensitive for. I remembered this after I saw Jack. Tia said she felt paranoid too before going to bed. Hahahhahahaha we’re idiots
red jumpsuit was cool tonight, besides weird emotions.



YASSSSSS life❤️  

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