Dayton pride!!!!!!!



 Shortest pride of the month but it was so much fun!! I got so fucked up accidentally. I honestly was only expecting myself to be buzzed but after 3 beers, a blue lagoon and a top shelf liit, I was feeling hella nice lol everyone went to masque after like a hour or 2 at pride, I thought it was funny/sad the masque employees were wearing shirts that had “🚫drama”  on them..

Tia had to work at 4 so she needed the car, and I didn’t want to ask anyone to bring me home so I could stay, anddd Mary was actually gonna help me get more weed too later after Tia went to work BUT after Tia drove to work… I kinda figured I should just take a nap in the car.. Really glad I made that decision.. Yay for not being suicidal!

I also thought it was pretty funny that I had tried calling my dad twice, no answer, but he called back and we were only on the phone for 2 minutes, don’t remember what I said or he said except that we hung up because I told him I was going to take a nap. Hahha it was so weird

There were plans of going to Old Street Saloon or back to the masque tonight but when Tia finally came back to the car, I was quiiiiiiite dehydrated and in pain. Tia agreed she’d rather stay home and chill so that’s where we are

Today chance finally turns 21 , and his first drink was a liquid marijuana!! Hell yeah. It’s also zachs 27th birthday too.

Tia has to work something like 11am till 6:30pm and bayside is from 5pm-6pm but I might just go straight to bunbury after dropping Tia off. Then there’s a party at zach, chance, riley and sams place

I  uploaded all the videos and pictures from my phone to my laptop and had them all deleted off my phone for more space and I lowkey felt a little insecure over it 😭 but it’s okay

Tia’s asleep, I wish I could be too but I napped today. My body still feels like shit.

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