hmmm soo the day of bunbury fest/chance’s birthday, tia lost her keys  and we didn’t realize/get home till like 12:30am or something, we called emergency maintenance and left voicemails and they never called back even like 2 days later hahaha but after like 40 minutes, i got pissed and busted open my window. they’re weird windows, the bug screens have screws on them from the inside you have to unscrew to open them and i really needed a shower after being in a muddy moshpit for bayside. but yeah i broke the bug screen in the bedroom in like 3 different places so i could pry it open and get inside.

so nice of the office to check on us and care ❤ hooray for this wonderful post-breakup apartment!

bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait to move AGAIN for the 5th time in 6 years hahahhaaha

JURASSIC PARK IS ON NETFLIX. THE 90S VERSION. HELL YES. LOL IT’S BEEN FOREVER. it’s funny because i only remember the suspenseful parts and none of the dialogue at all. i seriously haven’t watched it in at least 19-18 years idk.

mary is coming over tonight after tia is off work.

indy pride this saturday, the parade is at 10am! meaning i want to leave at like 7 or 7:30 meaning i need to wake up at 6:30 or 7, meaning I’M GOING TO GET LIKE 3-4 HOURS OF SLEEP meaning fml.

lol @ me trying to find meaning.

hey hopefully i DO sleep. at least it’s not supposed to rain like it is in middletown. but it’s gonna be in the 90s. hopefully i don’t melt.

i really need more weed soon. the person i get weed from is dumb and got “raided” apparently, but there’s someone else i can get weed from now, i think, idk. but i need it soon before i run out.

one more donation at biolife and i can buy both warped tickets for cincinnati and indianapolis.

life is a v e r y difficult thing

watching some netflix movie about a deathrow inmate. so there’s that.”the fear of 13″ so’s just intense idk. life can be fucked up!!!!!!!!!!



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