So yesterday

I got turned down from donating because my pulse was 118. No more tea for me. I’m such a hyper person…

Tia really pissed me off at work. Eleesha’s pity party life is annoying af I mean if you’re not gonna attempt on making any changes and only keep expecting people to feel sorry for you, that’s coolio but I’m incapable of doing that completely for a 21 year old who has every viable resource available for her. But THAT does not have anything to do at all with what I said at work, but somehow of course it’s all about that now. (I was honest to her and told her that I told candy that she applied at lowes and was looking to quit dominos to give candy a heads up since she thinks it’s a funny joke to say something about just not showing up anymore) <—- I don’t think it’s funny. I helped her get this job. She was going to be “kicked out” apparently if she didn’t get a job soon. Candy has been my boss and friend for six years. Candy gives me literally every fucking day of the year I ever ask off. Even when there’s issues, she works around them for me. She’s given me a pay rate that her supervisors don’t want me to have and she wants me to have more. Um yes I’m going to make sure no one screws candy over?! Besides the fact I’m literally not doing a damn thing to hurt Eleesha sooooo!!!!

But of course, it’s all about Eleesha and her tough home life that she chooses not to get away from. HAH BYE. 

I’ve offered so many times if she ever need help with getting her license, a car, living with me and Tia that I would be there! Does she make any initiative? No. Is that my responsibility? Hell no. 

I don’t give a fuck.

I’m always the asshole when I say something honest, THATS FINE. 

Oh yeah, fuck waking up dumb early for indy pride today. Just screw the parade, I’m going to the festival right after this.

Tia wants to give her 2 cents over something that doesn’t effect her and defend Eleesha, (funny Eleesha went whining to Tia and Mary but doesn’t want to be an adult and talk to me in private) that’s fine but my bed is mine now.

I don’t careeee

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