June has been a really great month.

Personally, it has been at least.

There definitely has been some real shitty moments. But I feel positively different.

Or maybe it’s just my hair being combed to the other side.

Ugh I really need the new Wentworth to be on Netflix. Fucking asap.

I wrote something weird tonight. Lol I think the book I was reading at the beach Waterpark inspired me

I just realized what day it was. 



I think over the years, my mom has felt most close on her death date. She’s farther feeling on her birthday and even Mother’s Day doesn’t ever feel like this. 

It could also be that I’m just counting the years and I know I’m getting closer and closer to her. 

Lol why am I so weird. 

I’m allowed to write whatever I want. And then years later I can laugh at myself. 

  Sammy posted this picture a few weeks or something ago, it’s quite a few of my nobodies friends and the 2nd generation.. This is definitely missing some though… And it made me realize how insane it is how many kids there really are. I’m so proud of my friends though.

I probably should’ve bought some vitamin E oil the other night but it’s like $11. I figured I needed it to help lower possible scarring on my arms from going to biolife twice a week for 2 months now. Lowkey don’t really care enough to pay $11 though. The only actual concern is looking like a potential heroin addict I guess or something but I know I’m not one so I don’t care, plus breaking stereotypes is actually hella fun/funny.

That girl Nikki I talked about all the time on here doesn’t go out of her way to talk to me anymore for who knows why, and I never do because she’s like, at work, and I don’t want to bug her with my social awkwardness. I can’t believe she used to always be the one to check my levels, for like weeks, and now she never does. It was really weird. There’s always a chance we’ll talk again though, I guess.

Have I mentioned how my health is amazing? I think I’ve got a fucking cavity that I’m stupidly ignoring but  I’m alive af and I don’t have any life threatening illnesses.. I got a flyer about cancer at Columbus pride and it made me nervous though. 

I’m actually off work magically for July 4th this year. The night part at least. This week should be magical.

I love waking up to my cats surrounding me. They are lovely creatures.

Not sure what to write in this anymore. I want to wallow in my other writing. 

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