the worst part about writing, or really slacking off on writing maybe, is reviewing back on stuff that i hate, and i only wrote it as a means of release. but it still means something to me, but it’s not something i particular want to allow in my thoughts or feels AT ALL.

it’s good but shit at the same time at the same time. whatever. i have to go to work soon. i think what i’m needing is like, support and assurance it’s not a waste of my time and it’s not as terrible as it was and feels.

i did read one verse to tia earlier and she was like woah lol i’m assuming that means it was good hah

at the same time, it’s sorta really hella difficult for me to just openly share anything i write out of the blue, especially something unfinished. it’s easier if someone asks to read something first, but no one seems to really know about all the writing i’ve done, let alone care lol…

honestly the hardest part is going to be piecing stuff together that i’ve been writing the past like 2-3 years. sooooo much and i’m still trying to organize everything onto this site called so it might be easier to copy and paste things together. most of my unorganized writings were only in a notebook and the notes in my phone. i’m hoping thats where everything is at least. i did find one random piece of receipt paper that i kept in my desk. but anything else is probably going to be lost forever, or for long enough that it’ll be irrelevant. yeah.

i won’t let myself stop though. this keeps me from feeling worthless. i just need to keep myself disciplined.

I might be fucking insane honestly :/ whatever. I can function in society.

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