Today had a really annoying beginning and a really annoying ending

I hate stress. I hate pressure. I really don’t do well wih either. At all. 

Candy’s on vacation and it’s always hell when she is.

Tia was so nice after the beginning of today though.

I also wrote more and organized for like 3-4 hours straight today before work

My lease is up sept 1st. Me and Tia kinda have plans to move, but nothing is 100% established yet.I was just thinking how I spent outside writing today on my patio area and it was just hella nice, blissful almost. But we both want a bigger place. But I’m not looking forward at all to packing and unpacking again. It takes a while to do.. But we found this trailer park that is muuuuch bigger, 3 bedroom for the price I’m paying now, I mean we’d have our own yard and I can fucking buy another fire pIT AGAIN OMG. That would be the bomb af. We were there once mad long ago and we want to go back on Tuesday. 

I should probably try sleeping ugh

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