So I’m definitely seeing Beartooth twice this year,

Really wish I could see promise of redemption ! He’s playing 2 shows with Thief Club, I wish I could see some of those songs live too!! Damn singers with their awesome side projects 😭

Don’t know yet if I’m coming to biolife at all next week. I really should but Idfk maybe I’ll come early before I leave for warped? I just hate going to work after donating, even though I’m doing it today lol but there’s other managers who can make food while my finger heals longer lol I’m a wuss lol whatevs 

There’s a loser here with a Pokemon hat

Did I write in here how someone literally opened my screen door and almost walked into my fucking apartment? I usually always have my front door open just because i like to but a dude who openly told me he was playing Pokemon almost came in , he apologized but wowwwww. Apparently trespassing calls have gone up a lot. Of course Tia had to be in the bathroom but she heard him at least. I hate that I’m always alone when weird dumb shit happens.

It’s probably worse that I’ve also been told I should get a gun. Somehow it just doesn’t make sense to me to get a gun because of fear of others with guns. Honestly I really shouldn’t because I’ll probably be more of a danger to myself before I ever point a gun at someone who is pointing a gun at me. So thats not good lol.

How horrible would be it if someone shot up a plasma donation center, with everyone hooked up to a needle hah oh fuck that would be pretty awful. Hopefully with me thinking of something like that, it’ll never happen. That’s usually how my life works out at least πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I should probably do dishes when I get home 

Next week will be so much fun omgggggg

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