Ew so I got a Pap smear today. 

me and Tia are at this place called Pies and Pints now, and I’m probably going to drink my weight in alcohol tonight. Going to the APMAs tonight as well, I hope alcohol is a thing there even if it is expensive as fuck

The doctor literally stuck a metal thing deep as fuck in my vagina and it sucked horribly. Awkward and uncomfortable. Pain level isn’t high but I’m definitely uncomfortable. And she said I have to come back next year. On the bright side, it didn’t cost me a dime thanks to the health insurance I have through work. On the shitty side, I bled during it and it still sorta makes me feel limpy. I’m scared to pee because Tia said it’ll probably sting but I’m still gonna drink my ass off. I should get results for whatever in a week. 

I literally cried in the car on the way here, I’m emotional as fuck.

I’m so glad though Tia was allowed to be in the room with me the entire time and she held my hand. Now she’s yelling at me because my feet aren’t on my side of the table. I hate her. I’m hungry fuck this fuck my ovaries bye

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