so i think it’s really funny/weird that MCR posted a 30 second video on their twitter, and it’s my mom’s birthday for whatever’s gonna happen or whatever they’ll announce

and then on riot fest’s twitter, he sorta mocked it by making a picture and putting a date on it, and it’s my brother’s birthday

idk i think it’s giggleworthy


i can’t drink for a week because i just picked up some amoxicillin. this is probably gross to talk about but it’s my blog but whatever i already forget what they said i had lol basically i just have excess bacteria in my vagina. amoxicillin is the same stuff i had when i got my wisdom teeth removed a year ago. i kinda wonder if this stuff will really help or if i’ll just get this excess bacteria again. i tried looking it up and apparently there might not be any specific causes , although i was talking to tia about it and it makes a lot of sense if my excess drinking may cause this. the person on the phone didn’t say anything about a yeast infection though (because beer) idk

i’m just glad i’m taking care of my vagina, being that i’m a 25 year old lesbian and vaginas are important.

the ataris are making more music and going on a tour. thats really cool..

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