For the most part.

I would have to say that right in between was horrible lol

Okay so I had two 16oz pbr’s at pies and pints, drank a whole 40 of king cobra on the way to APMAs, I believe I only had one beer while there… Because me and Tia had seats right in the middle of a row and if I would’ve had to keep getting up and making people scrunch up to let me by, I would’ve felt like a dick lmao so I only drank one beer. But afterwards, I bought another 40 for the ride home even though Tia said I’ve had enough but ya know me… Omg I also bought 3 *~*special*~* cupcakes from Angela when we got back to middletown!! I still have them though, I might eat one for Cincinnati warped tomorrow

APMAs was fucking badass. The mash ups were all awesome, except for ADTR and creed, that was so dumb. I just don’t like creed though. The dudes voice is just… Idk ew as fuck



This is all I had saved in my phone from snapchat . I was so drunk, I’m happy I saved something.

me and tia got back at something like 3 or 4 in the morning?? i don’t remember, all i remember was being drunk and needing sleep. the alarm for us went off at 730, again at 8 and i was like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. tia got up and started getting ready, i TRIED to, stayed on the floor for 10 minutes, got back up to get clothes, put them on my bed and went back to the floor, then after like 5 minutes, i got back on my bed to lay on it instead of the floor, reached for the trash can bucket, felt like i was fucking dying for about 3 minutes and fucking just gagged, and then puked twice and whined and moaned really loudly so tia would know lolololol so glad i puked though, because fuck feeling like that all day!!

we went to mcdonalds and i got 2 powerades and that was it. i didn’t get food till we got into warped because i didn’t want anything. i just winded up buying a $13 burger at warped LOL


i saw yellowcard, and the singer talked about how he was at the APMA’s and drank a shit ton of booze and then they had to play early and i was like LOL i feel the pain.

Reel Big Fish was also a band that played early. I may or may not have saw them. lol @ my memory

i missed new found glory to see  The Interrupters (they were in the amphitheater with shade) Masked Intruder was another band after The Interrupters, they were both fucking awesome. Except for the dude who threw his beer around. me and tia also watched Neck Deep. Mayday Parade was good. Tia was in the pit a lot, i couldn’t do it. I was almost in the pit for Good Charlotte but i left because it was just too hot and nasty. I saw Atreyu, i honestly felt like they were horrible live but idk. THEY PLAYED THAT LIVE LOVE BURN DIE SONG THOUGH. that was nice. Good Charlotte was cool. I think the best live bands were Less Than Jake and Sum 41. Sum 41 was the last band to play, so yeah everyone was seeing them. Roam actually played a little during their set, i kinda wondered who the fuck would miss any of sum 41 for Roam lol.

i hope for Cincinnati tomorrow i can catch Bullet for my valentine, teenage bottlerocket and broadside

tia should be home soon. she had to work this morning. that must’ve sucked.i’m so happy she drove us to warped yesterday even though i told her i would. i’m so happy she tolerates my drunkass.

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