I don’t want to pay attention to politics or any news. I don’t want to go back to life.

Warped tour is over. 2 dates and the APMAs has made for an amazing week. Beyond fun. The sense of community in a warped tour crowd is incredible. 

Anyway I fucking crowdsurfed during The story so far AND FREAKING GOOD CHARLOTTE. LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. BIG DEAL. I was all like “13 year old me is so ecstatic right now!!” And Tia is all like “whatever, 25 year old you is ecstatic right now!!” It was SO TRUE.

I wanted to crowdsurf during sum 41 and yellowcard but it was too wild during the songs I liked lol (fat lip, way away) I am so honored to have helped all those crowdsurfers anyway I could have. I’m so happy I didn’t even go over barricade for GC, there was a weak spot like 3 people back somehow from barricade and I didn’t fall but I had a safe drop, 


I am gonna be soo itchy when this sunburn starts peeling

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