listening to GC’s new album Youth Authority and i’m not ashamed. it’s fun. it’s got hints of their past.

i’m so glad that them, sum 41 and yellowcard played a bunch of old songs this past week.

my glasses broke probably in one of the pits at warped. the new ones i ordered will probably break at riot fest lollllllllllllll

i’m worried i won’t be able to see all the bands i want to see at Riot Fest

i’m probably going to take my paid week vacation for that weekend…

i don’t think i can go to biolife for a while since i’m on amoxicillin. i’m gonna call soon to see when i can go back because i might have to wait another week after i’m off it. i’m bummed.

my cats have been acting like hyper ass crackheads lately i don’t understand it. i wonder if it’s because i changed their food. i can’t believe i could feel so much hate and love for a thing in my life. because omg i fucking hate and love my cats. at least booboo bear is chill as fuck just sleeping next to me.

i fucking love tea. i need to get more. i have a shit ton of Rev Up but i don’t know if i can honestly drink that too much anymore because the caffeine content is extreme for my body. my chest will hurt. i have some other stuff, jasmine pearls and peach orange blossom and i mix them and i feel hella amazing. i gotta get stuff low in caffeine because i am weak af lol. i am honestly muuuch happier when i start my days with like.. 2-3 cups of tea lol..

i really am dying to get this apartment a new couch and a new desk. i strongly desire both these things. i found some cheap places to check out. one is in mason and one is in dayton. candy told me about them, but if they don’t deliver, i’m kinda screwed. actually i guess i could always rent a uhaul LOL maybe. ugh me and tia need to re-decorate the fuck out of this place lol

i cancelled talkspace because i honestly feel very happy with recent events i have partaken in. also, i’m writing more than i have in a few years and i also put together like 4 poems yesterday and i’m going to continue that so GC needs to stfu now. lol that ending of that “moving on” song is funny. wtf i can’t believe they have 2 songs called moving on now.

I WROTE A POEM THING ABOUT JACK AND I’M GOING TO POST IT ON HERE because idk it’s definitely sorta corny BUT IT’S CUTE I mean i think so HEY WHATEVER IT’S WRITING

i want to write a poem about my cat.
his name is jack and he’s all black
except for his white belly patch.
i found him in 2011,
it was like he dropped from heaven,
waiting in the grass underneathe trees,
he was infested with worms and covered with fleas
but i saved him before he could catch a disease..
i think everything i wear now is made out of cat hair,
i’ve maybe become one of those crazy cat ladies,
i just want to save all the precious babies.

bombay is the breed you may want to call him
he is all i need when my tears are falling
always following me around
always jealous when i go out
he shows me that he loves me in his weird kitty codes
like by kneading, headbashing and licking my ear lobes
i love him dearly and i know he tolerates me
even though sometimes he stares like i’m fucking crazy

he hangs off the edges of corners like a freaking gargoyle
other times he will sit so posed and majestic like he’s royal
some cats aren’t that loyal but Jack really is
Not saying he’d follow me off a cliff
but he would notice – and be devastated if I did
sometimes i’ll let him outside if it’s nice but only on a leash
and he’ll rub himself on the cement like he’s happy to be free
i can’t see him as being anything more than a kitten
he follows me from the bedroom, bathroom and to the kitchen
a lot of times when he’s meowin, he sounds like he’s bitchin
i love him to pieces for how much he loves all attention

i’ll love him until the end of time,
he’s always so observant with his eyes,
and his intelligence is so divine
i believe he breaks the stereotype
with what most people think like about felines
he’s no doubt the bestest cat you could find
he’s my best friend, my rock, my baby kitty
i hope he’s just as happy as he makes me.


omg what’s not fun though…. last night i was crying but i figured i was just emotional because i was high but i just started crying again right now. just remembering how i felt almost a year ago. it still makes me cry. that’s a thing. that is annoying.

there was a squirrel on my windowsill and my cats were freaking out.

i need tea to be never ending.

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