this is the last week i will be able to leave work by 1am and 2am. because now it’s going to be 2am and 3am. the hours every night are getting extended by ONE. i mean it’s cool, more hours = more money slightly but now i have to pre-plan if i want to drink. no more being able to stop at a gas station on my way home on the week nights for beer. worse comes to worse, i can always harrass a driver to stop by somewhere…

it’s just so dumb because of course we’re busy during summer, not to mention, we did 50% off pizzas recently. it’s so dumb because school’s going to be starting back up and the late nights will be DEAD. whatevz.

i’m mostly concerned about my sleep schedule. melatonin helps me go to sleep, but disciplining myself to wake up before noon is tough. usually lately i make myself get up AT noon. i just prefer writing during the day time lately. it varies.

i’m broke as fuck. i can’t go to biolife till next week. i should be done with amoxicillin wednesday. i have forgotten a few days to take it. last night i dreamed i had a shit ton of pills lol. i need biolife income back in my life. it helps so much. They said i only need to give 2 days to get it out of my system so i could donate again. i’ll make sure when i actually do go back that i’m good too. i’d hate to kill someone because of an antibiotic. it’ll be almost a week afterwards of me being done when i go back anyway

someone posted a meme on facebook of a cop and it said “instead of saying fuck the police, how about not breaking the fucking law?” and i really wanted to post the masked intruder song of “running from the cops” because it’d be funny. i’m hella sarcastic sometimes when i drink tea.


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