I have 27 poems to write in my notebook for the next few days. it’s really not that much considering it’s stuff from like.. the past few years??

as soon as i’m done with that, i need to download the newest version of word or something, figure out shit with DPI (dots per inch) for the pictures i have and work on my book that i’ve had for forever on createspace. i have 236 pages. i might add a little more, not sure yet. MY FIRST BOOK ❤ it’s titled “Buy Bull” and the theme of all the poems is about realizing you’re gay af and the reactions of others and whatnot. My next book will be THE NOBODIES, duhhhhhhhhhh and then i might have some morbid ass book because clearly death and emo pain inspires me lol.

i’m so glad i’m so excited about this again and i’m so glad i’m investing my time into it instead of being a mopey goalless shithead. shit happens. this is my fucking hope in life.


even if they suck and no one likes them 😦

they mean everything to me so the world can fuck off.


i lowkey really want a day off just to chill and write and listen to music. music is probably my biggest influence. especially the bands i listen to. i need to work hella hours though. at least tia lives with me and she helps sooo much. she works two jobs, i can’t imagine how exhausting and annoying that would get. i took my last amoxicillin tonight, lord only knows if my vagina is alright now, tbh i’m doubting it. idk, i feel like i might’ve had this issue for a while. i’m definitely going to keep track of my periods from now on. tia thinks i might not be okay after this because i missed taking the pills like 2 or 3 different times by accident. i’m hoping it wasn’t that big of a deal. whatever. it’s not like i’m dying.

i should probably take melatonin and go to bed SO I CAN WAKE UP WITH ENOUGH TIME BEFORE WORK TO DRINK TEA <3333333333333333333333

i fucking love tea, like fucking ridiculously.

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