Tia went into a parking garage to look for a parking spot. They winded up being full so we were leaving. She had to put in the ticket she got when she first went in into the pay machine. She was having difficultly getting it to work. She voiced clearly that she was stressing out so I got out of the car to go around to help, as soon as I’m right by her, she figured it out. I go back to my door, open it, and Tia almost drives off without me even sitting, let alone having the door closed.

No apology.

She said that there’s a timer for how long you can wait before the bar goes back down. Funny because she’s told me before back during pride month or somewhere that every single one has censors and they wait till your car has gone through. She literally waited quite some time before driving through when she first even took her fucking ticket.

Mary and Eleesha just walked off somewhere, no one told me what they were doing.
Not that it’s any of my business, but Tia is standing in front of me, and she’s texting Mary, she just has her phone out in plain sight to see. She told Mary she wanted to take her out to lunch today but she had to run errands. She didn’t do anything but sleep. In fact, we fucking went to APPLEBEES TOGETHER. 

I feel really alone.

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