the past few days were funnn


tia actually read my blog and apologized. via text lol i told her that i read on tumblr before that “the best apology is changed behavior so i’ll leave you with that” and she said okay. she has been nicer so far.

i originally had off tonight but she seems tired, this weekend will be brutal for her so i took her shift tonight. i’m just gonna be working like 5-10 or something. missy is closing. tonight starts the new hours. sunday through thursday is 1am and friday and saturday close is 2am.

after work on saturday, 30th, went over to the hillman house, and watched tia, mary, caleb and cody play a badass game of beer pong. idk what happened but i was sitting on this couch for a minute AND I GOT LIKE 5 FUCKING ITCHY BUMPS on my arm and i freaked out because i didn’t know where it was coming from. the source is still a mystery. mosquito? bed bugs? idfk but as soon i got off, they stopped coming.

i got so paranoid yesterday too (sunday 31st) because my arm was sore all night. pretty sure i just slept on my arm wrong but i was nervous that i got some poisonous ass bites and was gonna die haha my brain. i did wake up at one point and my arm felt like it died. it was just skin and bones attached to my body. lol

BUT ANYWAY. yeah mary’s party was fun. we left at like 6am when the sun was coming up. always fun times. i love the hillman house.

Here’s the badass pong table 

 tia should be coming home soon. she said while i’m at work, shes going to be doing a surprise for me. god only knows lol.

i should probably make another appointment for the gynecologist because i feel like my vagina is worse 😦 after halsey, we went to hooters and i went to pee, and my fucking underwear had so much white discharge, i’ve never seen that much before. it weirded me out. and the past few days, it’s been itchy and sore feeling. it’s never felt like this. at most, before i took amoxicillin, my vagina would just discharge randomly and make me feel uncomfortable. there have been times that it’d soak through to my pants, i honestly had no idea it was so abnormal. i just never had anyone to talk to about it with.. 😦

i’m probably also going to ask to be tested, like for all the stds ever, lol idk if they can just do blood work or what. all i know from the pap smear is i don’t have “Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae” and the “Thin prep Papanicolaou smear with reflex to high-risk human papillomavirus detection” came back normal

lol @ science words.

rent is due today. i should get changed.

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