life goals: publish poetry books and work at a marijuana dispensary.

hah i’m an idiot. i just decided that i was going to check and there’s literally a class in cincinnati TODAY. it’s gonna be another year probably till that’ll happen again. but i checked and apparently they’ll have one early next year for cincinnati.. I WISH I WOULD STOP FORGETTING. it’ll be so badass if i went to both LOL someone might hire me if i go to both. (besides that i’ve been loyal af to ONE job for 7 years now)

medical marijuana just became legalized 2 months ago. it’ll be so badass to work for a dispensary that could become recreational when it becomes legal.

it’ll also just be fun to learn.

maybe i’ll write notes on my calendar like i do so i don’t forget bills. like maybe one day every month i’ll try to remember to check on hempstaff LOL fml you would think i could sign up for email updates or something. there’s probably an easier way to remember but i’m an idiot.

i want to get high. ew what if they drug tested omg wow. even if did have a medical marijuana card, employers still have the right to fire you… ohio’s restrictions suck honestly but it’s a step at least..

i should sleep but i want to smoke and watch at least one more episode of wentworth… I’M SORRY TIA BUT YOU FINISHED OITNB WITHOUT ME ANYWAY. I always need to rewatch episodes before i understand shit ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

love you tia. i’m making you a special dinner in between jobs for you<3

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