i started my period, but i still have to use the metronidazole gel which is super weird. i googled if i should still use it and it says i should.

i hope everything is all good after i’m done with this stuff. i hope.

i’ll be upset if it’s not because that medicine was $90 and then i owe something a little more than $90 for my half of the doctor visits to my health insurance. lol health insurance is such a scam.

i really want nothing more than to be able to go back to biolife again and to drink myself into oblivion again. i think the last time i drank was the 30th/31st.. maybe. thats not even that long ago but it is for me.

it’s silly/sad/crazy how paranoid i got over having something like herpes or any std.. i still am kinda worried about it but i’ll just have to see how i feel/am. i googled up herpes pictures and i have never had anything like the pictures. zits or solo red itchy bumps are actually common for a bacteria infection. the infections i have aren’t even sexually transmitted. so that’s a relief. tia says she knows i definitely don’t have herpes lol

today is a lonely day. it’s okay though.

i’m a little worried that belinda won’t be able to make it out here for riot fest.. she has to rely on nick. he’s not staying on top of things.

i’m worried about everything. but sometimes i daydream about being financially comfortable and well-known hah. and someone who’s mostly respected by persons of intelligent minds. i’m gonna go outside and write.

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